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A collection of guitars built with passion

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Handmade Acoustic Guitars

"I would be honored to build the guitar of your  dreams."


Morrissey Guitars Academy

"I'm excited to offer the unique opportunity to build your own acoustic guitar from start to finish under my supervision and using only the finest tone woods."

What clients are saying

“It is not an exaggeration when I say your acoustic guitars are hands down the best I have ever played.  Master craftsmanship, AAAA woods, deep resonate rich tone, impeccable setup, playability and feel is butter.  It was a pleasure to play them.”

Ed Nesbitt, Noteworthy Guitars  


After completing my first guitar in 2001, I was hooked…I knew this is where I wanted to focus my talents.  I found my passion as a luthier – 20 years later I continue to do what I love every day.


My love of woodworking goes back to my childhood. My father was a craftsman and working alongside him as a young boy I learned the skills necessary for fine woodworking. Of course, at the time I was unaware I would return to woodworking many years later and how these skills would serve me so well.


I had a successful 20-year career in advertising/publishing as a graphic designer, but the calling for fine woodworking was always there. On the side I built many pieces of fine furniture – but it never completely satisfied my woodworking desire.  So, in 2000 I became a student of Thomas Knatt at the Luthier’s workshop in Concord Massachusetts.  My passion was found.

Patrick Morrissey