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My inspiration for guitar building is the traditional-style guitar, but with my own spin on comfort, playability, and sound.  I offer four guitar models that are aesthetically similar however cater to the differing playing styles and sound preferences of the musician.

Grand Concert


My Grand Concert effortlessly caters to finger-style and flat-picking techniques, making it a versatile and essential instrument for any guitarist.

This exquisite guitar is renowned for its impeccable balance, boasting a warm, full bass response and clear, resonating treble tones that produce subtle overtones, culminating in a rich, sweet sound.


Its exceptional tonal qualities make the Grand Concert a must-have for any guitarist seeking a truly extraordinary and versatile instrument.

Upper Bout                                       10.75”

Lower Bout                                         15”

Waist                                                9.25”

Body Length                                    19.5”


Small Jumbo


My Small Jumbo is the perfect instrument for both strumming and finger-style play, with impressive volume capabilities.


A body size slightly larger than the Grand Concert, boasting a larger upper bout and broader shoulders, while maintaining the same body depth as the Grand Auditorium and Dreadnought.


This design guarantees excellent bass response and volume, while providing ultimate comfort during seated playing. 

Upper Bout                                       11.25”

Lower Bout                                       15.25”

Waist                                                  9.4”

Body Length                                      20”

Small Jumbo.jpg

Grand Auditorium


My Grand Auditorium is equally suited for finger-style and flat-picking playing styles, though it is particularly favored by flat-pickers.


With its large soundbox and tighter waist, this remarkable instrument provides increased volume while retaining a focused tone, balance, and articulation. Moreover, the tighter waist allows for a more comfortable seated playing position.


This versatile instrument is a powerful full-size guitar that boasts strong bass response and room-filling volume without compromising on the clarity of mid-range and treble tones.

Upper Bout                                        11.5”

Lower Bout                                         16”

Waist                                                 9.65”

Body Length                                      20”


Slope Dreadnought


Drawing inspiration from the Grand Auditorium, my Slope Dreadnought offers an exceptional amount of headroom for unparalleled bass response and volume, while its clear treble tones ensure a harmonious, well-rounded sound.


While the standard Dreadnought is known for its room-filling volume, it can sometimes overpower other frequencies with its strong bass response. However, the Slope Dreadnought solves this issue by providing a perfect balance of mids, without compromising on volume.

Upper Bout                                        11.25”

Lower Bout                                        15.25”

Waist                                                  9.4”

Body Length                                       20”

Slope dreadknot.jpg
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